Cloudflare respond to abuse complaints

i am trying to report a copyright infringement to a hoster whose customer runs a website that has Cloudflare upstream. the problem is that this hoster now requests the ip address of the website on which the copyright infringement exists. if you now fill out the abuse report form at Cloudflare you will get an email with the information that the copyright report has been forwarded to the respective hoster and information about the respective hoster.

the problem is that some hosters do not respond to the emails from Cloudflare but have set up their own workflow using their own reporting form.

how can i find out via Cloudflare the ip of the website that comes behind the Cloudflare ip? how can Cloudflare help here? or are there other tools to find this out? because a dns trace just keeps bringing me back to the Cloudflare ip which does nothing for the actual hoster.


No, we cannot disclose that information. Iā€™d share the cloudflare IP and let the respective Trust Safety teams figure it out.

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thanks for the feedback. i thought i read something like that. but is there no solution? otherwise it is not possible to report copyright violations with some hosters like ovh because they need a matching ip via the report form and the one from Cloudflare does not work. i would really appreciate any help or hint or idea.