Cloudflare resolving wrong ip

looks like Cloudflare is resolving the wrong ip. i don’t have Cloudflare power enabled. i checked the settings and then checked against multiple global dns servers around the web and all resolve the wrong ip. this just started happening randomly yesterday around 8:30pm pdt

What’s the domain? Also please post a screenshot of your DNS tab including the nameservers at the bottom.

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Is it safe to give you the domain?
I’ve deleted the sub-domain and re-added and still resolves to the wrong IP address. I think there’s something wrong with Cloudflare’s database. It’s happening on multiple entries. I haven’t checked all of them because there are too many.

Hi any updates to this? The Cloudflare dns servers are still resolving the wrong IP.

No update is possible because you haven’t provided the required information.

It’s a website on the internet, no?

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