Cloudflare Resolver "Domain Name"?

I can’t locate the resolver name for

For example in my network settings for my ISP’s DNS which is Comcast I get this in the “Search Domain” field

I think I remember seeing somewhere that Cloutdflare’s was something like but I am unsure.

Anyone know, or know where to find this information. Google didn’t help.

Search Domain Field usually isn’t used. It’s to automatically add a domain if you just search for a machinename. So if you type in ‘lab-server’, it will automatically add something like for the lookup.

Thank you.

Why do you think Comcast feels it’s important to populate that field when I am using their DNS servers, ?

Is it to send DNS queries to a local server instead of a server farther away?

In this case I have read that I can safely add .local to the Search Domain field in my router.

This link shows the following, unfortunately it’s one character too long to fit in the Domain Name field in my router.
Thu Dec 03 03:31:51
iMac191:~ john$ dig A +short

Thu Dec 03 03:50:23
iMac191:~ john$ dig A +short

Thu Dec 03 03:52:59
iMac191:~ john$ dig A +short