Cloudflare requests made by a site I'm using to build a directory site

The Admin’s domain for the website builder company I use (BrilliantDirectories) is trying to make requests to my main domain, and the requests seems to be getting blocked. In the Network section of the inspect console, it shows Cloudflare’s server to be the problem. What settings could be causing these requests to be blocked and how can I make sure the Admins domain is able to make these requests? I think this may be the headers that Cloudflare is setting for these requests but I’m not sure…

This sounds like Cloudflare is blocking the request due to a security setting or firewall rule.
You can check what rule is blocking Brilliant Directories by navigating to Security > Events in your Dashboard (adjust the time frame as needed). You can also check Firewall Rules and IP Access Rules for any settings that might be blocking requests from BrilliantDirectories.
If needed, allowlist the Admin’s domain or modify the rules accordingly to allow these requests.

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