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With DMARC Management (beta), how do you find the Cloudflare email address where your DMARC reports should be sent to so that they appear in the Cloudflare dashboards? Ref

Thank you for your advice.

I haven’t enabled it on a zone recently, but I’m fairly certain that is automatically populated in the DMARC record when you enable that feature.

It’s the reporting URI (rua ) used to specify an email address that will receive aggregate reports that I need to track down as two of my three domains don’t have a Cloudflare URI and I need to manually add this is. I’ve hunted through the community and CF docs but can’t for the life of my find what the email address is.

Thank you for any assistance you can give.


If there is a DMARC record in your zone, Cloudflare will add another rua entry to it. This additional rua tag has a Cloudflare email address and is needed for Cloudflare to be able to start processing DMARC reports on your behalf.

This is the email address I’m trying to find.

You don’t “find” it. The text you quoted states that it will be added to the record. Just enable the Cloudflare DMARC Management to create it.

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