Cloudflare Removing My Site Because of Ezoic Nameservers

I recently switched to the platform, and integrated my website which already had Cloudflare (free plan) with Ezoic. (domain registrar is Namecheap & hosted on Bluehost)
I just received an email from Cloudflare saying the name servers on Namecheap for my site no longer point to Cloudflare (because I placed the new Ezoic nameservers inside Namecheap) and my DNS records will be completely removed from their system in 7 days.

My site already went down two weeks ago for the same thing and I can’t find a solution.
What I can do to keep my website up and running without having to worry about DNS?

This can be prevented by not using any third party integration with Cloudflare. If your domain registrar’s WHOIS lists the two name servers that Cloudflare has listed for you on the DNS settings page, you will be in charge of your DNS and third parties will not be able to interfere with it.


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