Cloudflare removes Cache-Tag header

I have the following use-case:
Worker makes a request to the origin server, back-end returns a response with Cache-Control and Cache-Tag headers. Then Worker puts that response into the cache using Cache API.
But when Worker receives the response from the origin, it doesn’t contain Cache-Tag header, seems like it is removed by CF.

So how can I tell CF to not remove Cache-Tag header? Are there any workarounds?

That header might be for Enterprise accounts only, judging from this Workers doc page:

Yes, that’s clear. We have an Enterprice plan.
The problem is when Worker receives a response from origin, the response doesn’t have Cache-Tag header.

The one solution that I can see here - on back-end return cache tag via some custom header and then in the Worker replace it with Cache-Tag header when putting that response into cache

As far as I know the Cache-Tag header has to come from the origin as only Cloudflare CDN reads it and then removes when it passes the response on to the visitor. The visitor isn’t meant to see the header.

CF Workers would be before the origin and does not seem to work at that level from my recollection of testing Cache-Tag header. You can double check using the Cache purge by tag feature for Enterprise plans