Cloudflare remove my websites from personal cabinet

Hello, i don’t use Cloudflare for more than 1 year, and my websites was removed fro my personal cabinet.
I can somebody return them?

By “cabinet” I assume you mean your site has been removed from your server. Right?

You’d need to contact your host in that case, Cloudflare is not involved.

no, in “Cloudflare” cabinet the problem.
2 year ago I added my web site to‘mycabinet’ and customize hem for https, but now the cabinet is empty

I am not sure that means. What do you mean by “cabinet”?

What domain are we talking about? - link to my personal cabinet on Cloudflare.

Instead of my site that I added earlie, I see - add “new website”

Your domain will have been removed because it was not configured for Cloudflare any longer. You need to readd it and configure it properly.

If I return my damain name, I can recover my previus cloudflare setings fr this domain?

Possibly, but not necessarily. You best add it back and then check as you go.

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Oky thank you for answers.

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