Cloudflare Remote Address Redirecting site to

Hi, lately I’ve noticed some parts of my WordPress website redirect to When I checked the request headers, I noticed the remote address causes the requested URL to redirect to

The other parts of the website that make the request to the remote address have no issue.


  1. I deactivated all my security plugins but the issue persisted
  2. I deleted my .htaccess file and used the default one that comes with WordPress yet the issue persisted.
  3. Am using the Litespeed server with CyberPanel installed.
  4. My VPS server is provided by Vultr

Is the issue still there when you switch to a default theme (twentysomething)?

The website is in production and I can’t switch to the default theme. I created a new VPS instance and migrated the website but it looks like the issue is still there.

The website is working but the request gets redirected to for certain remote addresses.

I just clicked on a post to edit it and the request was redirected to because the remote address was again.

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