Cloudflare rejects my domain thinking it's a "subdomain"

I wrote to support@CF and even to an Enterprise rep (yes, I’d also be interested in a custom enterprise plan) but nobody responded, so I’m trying here.

The domain, which is verifiable via the official .it Whois, gets rejected by Cloudflare: “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains”. However, despite its length, it is not a subdomain, but a valid .it domain, reserved for local authorities.

Could CF accept this domain? is on the Public Suffix List: is not.

Nor is

Cloudflare will only allow you to add a domain if it’s immediately below a suffix on this list.

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The .it ccTLD has many more domains; that list is definitely incomplete nor is it authoritative.

That should probably be an OR instead of NOR.

Here are instructions for submitting updates:

AFAIK, under, there are at least 20 domains.
The same goes for,,, you name it.
Like I said, that list is not authoritative for the .it ccTLD, and I couldn’t submit hundreds of updates anyway.
It would be much faster/better if CF added this domain, and we’re done…

UPDATE: also, I’ve just found this: Third Party Diffusion · publicsuffix/list Wiki · GitHub

  • For issues with Cloudflare, contact Cloudflare.

They seem to be fed up with people who go there when CF rejects a valid domain.