Cloudflare rejects domain, then doesn't respond to the inquiry

A customer purchased this domain through us just recently, but cloudflare refuses to add it. We tried multiple times contacting the email address in the error message, no response.

What to do?

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@cloonan is there any way to get staff eyeballs on this? If anything, they should update that error message because emailing abusereply achieves nothing… right now there’s no path to resolution…

In looking at that domain internally, I do not see any history of it using Cloudflare.

But, public data shows that it’s been using cf nameservers for a long while.

DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool shows cash & nicole are being used. shows

I see cash & nicole are assigned to a different zone (website) in your account. They steps to resolution are to

  1. Contact the domain registrar and ask that they set nameservers to just their default and remove all cf nameservers.
  2. Once propagation is complete, have the customer add it to their dashboard and then
  3. Again contact the regsitrar and ask them to change the nameservers to just the two in that account where the zone (website) was added.
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@cloonan Thank you so much for looking into this. The registrar already has the nameservers set correctly, that always happens before any attempt to add it to cloudflare (an automated process by our servers). Confirmed there are no other name servers involved.

We handle the cloudflare for the domain, so we are attempting to add it to OUR dashboard. Just cloudflare won’t allow it and nobody responds to abusereply email as indicated.

The automated process is not compatible with Cloudflare. You have no assigned nameservers from Cloudflare until a zone is added to an account and a pair of nameservers are assigned to it.


@cscharff I get that this is the real workflow, but 99% of the time we get the SAME name servers assigned to our domains, so we like to skip the propagation time by pre-assigning those nameservers, then after adding to cloudflare, the servers grab the nameservers decalred, and if different, the registrar record gets updated.

Its worked fine for years. This is not an issue of nameservers. That domain has some sort of “abuse block” on it, but I can absolutely confirm it is newly registered (through us).

Please don’t do that, it leaves your domain open to easy hijacking and this part

It’s the 1% that’ll get you.

None that I can see. I see no history with that zone whatsoever

Been said before, but, yes it is an issue with nameservers. Nameservers should not point to cf until after the website has been added and ns assigned. Then make the change.

Perhaps, humor us and change the nameservers to the default from the registrar, let them propagate and then try to add it again. Then change the nameservers to the two assigned after you added it. Easy peasy.


There has been a recent change that makes this impossible:


Cloudflare has changed their policy… so it no longer is compatible. Previously it was just a really bad practice.

To prevent domain hijacking, you can no longer preset Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar before creating the respective zone in Cloudflare. If you preset your nameservers and then add the domain, your domain will be assigned a new pair of nameservers.

The abuse team at Cloudflare processes submissions in a way that is opaque to the community. How long it will take is how long it takes unfortunately.

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Well I can humor you sure. Will try it out.

But to further make my case, I finally received a reply from cloudflare abuse asking me what affiliation i have with the domain owner , details etc. So I’m pretty sure it’s both what the error states and what i’ve been saying so far in this thread.

Looks like abuse department cleared the block before I could get around to testing the nameserver thing. Soon as that block was cleared, the domain added just fine, even with name servers already set to the right ones.

I did read your links, and understand why cloudflare changed things, we will have to do a study on our end to figure out the best way to change things, considering we also work with third party domains and one way to validate ownership is the change of name servers… :thinking:

Anyway many thanks to you guys for all your responses, i truly appreciate it!


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