Cloudflare registration

I currently use for my registar and i have been thinking should i switch to Cloudflare. I currently have a .info domain what would be some benefits and downfalls to switching over to Cloudflare? (such as annual payments, dns, and more)

Thank You!


Thank you for asking.

  • cheaper domain
  • WHOIS redaction (which is not the same as WHOIS privacy service)
  • DNSSEC on-click away
  • currently there is no way to change the domain nameservers to a different ones, you can use only the ones which are your Cloudflare’s account assigned nameservers (more written in the Cloudflare Registrar ToS), if you want to use different nameservers and your domain is registered at Cloudflare Registrar, you’d first have to transfer out your domain o a different domain registrar

More helpful information about Cloudflare Registrar at the links from below:

Ok perfect!
whenever i goto transfer domain i get Registry status: Client transfer prohibited how can i fix this as i have all green check marks on’s side of things

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