Cloudflare Registration with external DNS

Hi, folks,

I have a question about transferring domain registration to Cloudflare and using an external DNS provider (basically, can I do this?)

I’ve found some articles on this site, but they’re older and have said something along the lines of “this isn’t supported at this time,” but I have not found a definitive current answer on whether that situation has changed (if there’s a post or an FAQ you can point me at, please let me know).

Here’s my situation for those who are curious why I’d like to do this. We have a business site set up with an external hosting provider that hosts templated sites for many individuals (think, but smaller and more terrible).

The provider is also the registrar of our primary domain for the business (they require this). They also provide DNS service for the domain. It’s a requirement to use their DNS servers, because they move “which site lives where” somewhat frequently at their discretion (i.e. we don’t have a “fixed” IP address). Everything in this paragprah needs to stay where it is (at least until we ditch the current service provider)

What we ALSO have is two additional domains that are alternative names for the business. Our provider does NOT allow us to register multiple domains through them, but DOES allow us to register the alternate domains elsewhere, and set them as “parked” domains of the “main” domain. We register the names we want, point those domains to the provider’s DNS server, and do some light config with the provider to let them know to serve the parked domains.

Sadly, our external registrar was Tucows, which was bought by DynDNS, which was bought by Oracle, which transferred us to, who kind of suck. We’d ideally like to transfer these domains to Cloudflare as a register, but remain pointed at the external DNS servers.

Is this possible right now?

Nope. That’s probably the biggest drawback of using Cloudflare Registrar. They’ll probably get around to it eventually, but for now, you’d be stuck.

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