Cloudflare Registrar's domain nameservers aren't matching Cloudflare's nameservers


I’ve transferred my domain from Google Domains to Cloudflare Registrar. The domain currently appears as “Active” in Cloudflare Registrar (but I can’t access its management page).

On the “Website” section, it appears it is “Pending nameserver update”, but it is requesting me to change from Cloudflare nameservers to other Cloudflare nameservers.

My domain now isn’t resolving to any DNS entry:

Cloudflare is expecting the new Cloudflare nameservers pair and Cloudflare Registrar is set up to the old Cloudflare nameservers pair.

I probably know the reason: during the transfer process, I deleted the website management, because I just want a somewhat cheap registrar with privacy protection, I didn’t want DNS proxies or caching or protection for my website, so I thought it was okay to delete it and just manage through the “Domain Registrar” tab. By the time the transfer finished, it is requesting me to update the nameserver, but Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t allow that. Probably caused by a missing check during delete process for domains in transfer, because I can’t delete it now and start again, it shows this error message: “registrar.cannot_delete_zone_cloudflare_registrar”.

Anyway, I opened a ticket to update the nameserver (either for my website page or for my domain at the Registrar), but I haven’t received any human response in 16 hours. And waiting for the registrar wouldn’t do much because it is up to date already, the “old” nameservers just aren’t expecting my domain there anymore.

I can’t attach a second screenshot for the ICANN lookup.

I forgot to include the ticket id: #3005573

Unfortunately, that would do it.

Open a Support ticket for Registrar issues, and let them know.


After 36 hours of downtime, still no solution on the ticket.

But I got the first human response from Billing Support! (instead of Registrar Support, which was what I selected when creating the ticket…)

Sorry to hear that. I’ve escalated your ticket #. You should hear back sometime today.


Your nameservers are now set accordingly and we have responded in the ticket 3005573.


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