[Cloudflare Registrar]Will it support country-code TLDs in Mainland China such as cn?


I noticed that on the TLD-Policies page:

focus on expanding country-code TLDs

Considering that Cloudflare has offices in Mainland China, I would like to know the possibility of supporting TLDs such as cn.

However, the use of cn domain names requires the holder to provide real-name information.


You’ll need to upload a copy of valid documentation in order to begin the real name validation process. To use your domain name, you must provide one of the following:

  • A valid resident ID, temporary resident ID, business license or organization code certificate from Mainland China.
  • A valid resident ID, passport or business license from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macau.
  • A valid passport from all other countries and regions.

Hi @wordlesswind,

The TLD list has not been updated for a while and we don’t have any information on what TLDs they may be working on. I wouldn’t expect this to happen soon, unfortunately.

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