Cloudflare Registrar - when will .me domains be supported?

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Does anybody know when Cloudflare Registrar will support the registration of .me domains?

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They are trying to add to the list of supported TLDs as much as possible, however due to contracts and issues that may arise, cannot confirm a time frame for when a TLD will be supported.

.me is used a reasonable amount so I expect it will come at some point! Tagging @SamRhea

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The more surprising thing to me is that Cloudflare doesn’t even support showing the information about my current registrar for .me domains. For my other domains, even before moving over the actual registration to Cloudflare, I was able to see my current registrar and the expiry date on the ‘Overview’ page. For my .me domain, which was registered with the same registrar as my other domains, all I see is this on the ‘Overview’ page:


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Any news on .me TLDs?

Hello - Bumping this just to check if there was some sort of timeframe around the support of .me domains :relaxed:

The response marked as a solution :white_check_mark: is still correct.

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Yes, and I’m afraid that’s still all we know.

It does seem from a Tweet from Cloudflare Support that new TLDs will be coming this year…