Cloudflare registrar website uploading?

i recently transferred my domain to CLoudflare Registrar and i have my website made already but i’m not sure if i can upload it through ftp or if there’s a file service. i also have an AWS account just in case i can’t do it through Cloudflare, is there anything i can do?

Cloudflare is not a host. If your website is a static site and on GitHub you could use Cloudflare Pages. Apart from that product though, there is no uploading of files. The registrar is simply that, a registrar for your domain. If you want to know exactly what a registrar is you can check here:

If you didn’t want (or couldn’t) use Pages then yes, you can setup a site on AWS then point a DNS record to that AWS instance IP.

how can i do the AWS dns method then? that seems to be the easiest

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