Cloudflare registrar: Unable to pay for domain renewals (India)

Hi there!

I have been trying to pay for my domain renewals for a few days now and I am aware of the new RBI ruling that is in-force from 01/10/21.

I did go through the other threads about similar issues faced by users in India. However, for Cloudflare registrar I don’t see any buttons like “Pay Now” that lets me clear the dues in one shot.

I have one credit card on file, as well as I have linked my PayPal account to Cloudflare.

I just went to my PayPal dashboard to check that automatic payments for Cloudflare is set to “active” and it is indeed active. In spite of my best efforts and changing cards, payments are not going through.

I would really appreciate some help in this regard.

Can you post a screenshot of the page where you’re trying to do this? It’s ok to black out sensitive information.

On clicking ‘Purchase’, the button transitions to a spinning state, and after a few seconds the modal closes automatically.

Have you tried incognito mode or a different browser?

Yes, I have tried incognito, as well as different browsers and the results have remained unchanged.

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