Cloudflare Registrar -- Transferring Webhosts (a2hosting -> smarteraspnet)


I’m switching hosts from a2hosting to smarteraspnet and having some pretty major issues. I feel like I’m being sent around in circles.

When I try to setup my domain inside smarteraspnet, they tell me that I need to point my nameservers to ns1/2/3.site4now dot net, on my registrar (which would be Cloudflare). I don’t see any option to do such (free Cloudflare site).

Optionally, there is a “CDN” tab in smarteraspnet, but it says that my domain is still attached to another Cloudflare account…

If this were GoDaddy, etc, it’d be pretty simple to go update the nameservers and do whatever I need. I’m very confused as to how to do this in Cloudflare… or on how to get the webhost talking to the DNS properly.

When using Cloudflare as a registrar you cant set nameservers other than Cloudflare’s. You’d need to transfer away to a different registrar to do so.

Is there something I can ask or do to get my new webhost to be pointed at from Cloudflare (re: the opposite direction that they were wanting)?

Normally, I would be at a registrar and set the nameservers to Cloudflare.

So, I think the typical operation looks like this:

Registrar -> Cloudflare -> Webhost


If so, how do I do the latter piece of that? I already have Registrar/Cloudflare setup, but it needs to know how to contact my host.


You’d only need to set the appropriate records in your DNS control panel at Cloudflare. The effect should be the same, the question is whether your host accepts that but thats something you need to clarify with them.

OK, I’m close (I hope).

I looked at the DNS settings on smarterasp and copied the addresses over to the similar ones on Cloudflare.

Now, I’m getting an SSL error:

Is there a way to get an SSL certificate for Cloudflare and my site? I think I’d need to get one from Cloudflare to provide to my webhost, if I understand correctly?

You just need to install any publicly valid certificate on your server. Can be a paid one, a free one from Lets Encrypt, or a free origin certificate from Cloudflare.

Where do I get a free origin certificate from Cloudflare?

And thank you so much, so far! I really appreciate it.

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