Cloudflare Registrar - "Registry status: Client transfer prohibited"

I’m trying to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. I’ve done this before plenty of times, but now I’m seeing this error message for the first time, below. Has anyone else experience this? What can I do on my end?

Registry status: Client transfer prohibited


Having this same issue. Unlocked a domain and have a transfer code from GoDaddy, but I still see “Registry status: Client transfer prohibited.”

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I found this article from ICANN explaining all EPP status codes:


This status indicates that it is not possible to transfer the domain name registration, which will help prevent unauthorized transfers resulting from hijacking and/or fraud. If you do want to transfer your domain, you must first contact your registrar and request that they remove this status code.

So the best thing that you can do is to check if the domain has been unlocked, wait for a few hours, and if the error still occurs, contact your registrar.

Hope it helps!


If after unlocking the domain and confirming that it is unlocked when checking its WHOIS information and confirming that they meet the requirements listed in our documentation.

Please submit a ticket and let us know the ticket number in this chat so we can take a look.

Same issue. Six domains with Google Domains that Cloudflare previously listed as available to transfer now show that they’re not. Made sure the domains were unlocked & etc., then waited a day, and nothing.

From previous experience: submitting a ticket about Registrar issues while on a free plan doesn’t get you very far.

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I even generated an authorization code from Google Domains (so: it’s definitely not locked on their end) over a day ago, but Cloudflare still doesn’t return the domain to the available-for-transfer list. Given that all of my domains were listed as available for transfer but now aren’t, I really think something has changed on Cloudflare’s end.

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Ticket ID 2568220

Has registering a domain changed recently? Like @duncan.brook mentioned, they were always available to transfer without having to make sure they were unlocked beforehand.

Now it sounds like you need to unlock the domain first which will somehow let Cloudflare know ahead of time that it’s ready for transfer. Something new to me.

Yes same thing I noticed today… It is something new. Because a few days ago I checked and I could transfer without this error, but today when I want to transfer my domain I am getting same error.

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I just tested it out by going to GoDaddy and unlocking a couple of domains. After coming back to it in a few hours, I now see the ability to transfer them over just like @salvador mentioned.

I also have the same problem.

Until a few days ago you could initiate a transfer even if the domain was still locked with the previous registrar. Now all of a sudden all domains have the registry status: “Client transfer prohibited”.

My last transfer was started on 20.09.2022 - until then it was always possible - for supported domains - to start a transfer or even to see which domains can be transferred and how high the price for the domain is at CF.

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Yes, there have been some recent changes to enforce the requirements that have been always described in our documentation.

Whenever you see a problem please check that guidance and if there is a problem just submit a ticket so we can take a look.

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Requiring domains to be unlocked before Cloudflare will even show a price is … unfriendly.

Further: the old way allowed us to leave the domains locked until it was time to actually do the transfer — which is ideal for security. The new way requires us to unlock the domain … and then just wait, hoping that Cloudflare will notice that the domain is now unlocked and therefore move it to the list of domains available for transfer. From my experience over the last few days, that wait takes … a few days. Neither convenient nor secure.

Also, the response to my ticket was hilariously bad. I explained that domains were showing as unavailable to transfer even though they’re unlocked at the source registrar (and previously were listed as available), and I linked + referenced this thread. The response I received said:

Some of your domains are showing the status as Registry status: Client transfer prohibited , hence they are not available to be transferred.

If you have your registrar change this, you can then transfer them.

Hope this was helpful and for now, I will set this ticket to solved…

This caliber of “support” matches my previous experience with Cloudflare Registrar support.


This new process is terrible, i’m trying to transfer a domain for the last 3 days without success (i will have to renew again with GoDaddy), transferring a domain only took 2 minutes before but now it’s an annoying process.


This is the key. Domain transfers often happen as registrations are near expiry, so an indeterminate wait after unlocking before the process can even begin — a wait, that, in my case, took several days — is a strong signal from Cloudflare that actually they don’t want to become our new registrar.


Please let me know if you have a ticket so we can take a look.

Just make sure that all requirements are met as described in our documentation and one important point is that we strongly ask to renew domains if they are expiring within 15 days, this is to avoid issues if the transfer is delayed and the domain expires at the current Registrar before transfer completes.


We are sorry if the new process is more complicated but those changes has been made to prevent issues.

Our documentation clearly mentions that domain must be renewed if expiring within 15 days, we had seen multiple issues when domain expires and the current Registrar locks the domains or park the domains or update the nameservers so the transfer will not complete.

A domain should only be unlocked once it is ready to be transferred, transfer can be expedited if approved at the current Registrar otherwise it would take up to 5 days.

As mentioned before, please review our documentation in case something changed and after checking that if a problem happens please let us know and we will happy to assist you.

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Same problem here. I want to transfer from Name .com to Cloudflare. I have unlocked the domain at Name and Client Transfer Prohibited appear…

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" * Renew your domain if it is within 15 days of expiration."
Why the ■■■■ doing this ? We are not going to renew a domain at our previous registar and then paying again at Cloudflare, this make twice payment for the same period !!!??
I usually wait 1 or 2 days before expiration transfer to Cloudflare and pay Cloudflare for the next year coming…
I have more than 200 domains to handle, we are not going to pay twice for the same period or loose 15 days …

You don’t lose any days when you transfer a domain. All existing registration time transfers with the domain.

With standard 5 day waiting period in the transfer proess, that is a higher risk than I am willing to take with something as important as domain registration.

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