Cloudflare Registrar - Recovering Deleted Domain

The fact that you can delete a REGISTERED domain from your Cloudflare account is have no way to recover it is pretty ridiculous to me.

I have attempted to add the domain back (more than 7 days later), and there is no method for me to update name servers…what a joke!

It should be impossible to “delete” registered domains from your account so you no longer have management over them.

The domain portal has effectively “disappeared” and the Cloudflare team is the only one who can bring it back.

I’ve already reached out to Cloudflare support, but this is a ridiculous situation that should be totally preventable with a few lines of code in the dashboard.

Removing a domain that is currently using Cloudflare registrar is certainly an action that I would not expect to succeed.

If you share the ticket number, we can request escalation.

Hi there,

If you have not been helped so far on the ticket, can you share your ticket number with us so we can look further into it?