Cloudflare registrar, please include .CO tld


.CO is used as “corporation”, its beingused for some time, please include this tld


Here’s the TLD list:

By the looks of it, this TLD won’t be available at launch. It can take a long time to get the Registry/registrar contract in place that allows them to sell that TLD. It may take even longer to implement the necessary registry API calls if they don’t use EPP, which most country-code TLD choose not to use, including .co.

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Users with more than 20 sites cannot use the new domain registrar service

Just to jump in here: I, too, would really like to see .co domains as I operate about 10 sites with them and they’re all that are keeping me from fully migrating from my current registrar.


+1 to .co


Also voicing my support for .co. Need .io and .in as well.


.io should be available soon! I didn’t tell you anything though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It would be sweet if you could set up a status page listing all the TLDs you plan on supporting and their status in the process.

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I am not with the team, but it presume they can’t due to contracts not being yet signed. They could only list the one they are implementing, but that would the final phase…

Any plans for .EU tld?

Ah ok.


4 months, no news, we’ll continue waiting to migrate

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