Cloudflare Registrar needs more API functionality

Hi all, I have many (1000+ domains) that I would like to move to CF registrar over the coming year as renewals come up. Great! but, there are a few issues I’ve encountered and it would be great if CF could improve the API to help with that. There could also be some Dashboard enhancements to make things more intuitive.


  1. ability to update domain contact
  2. ability to initiate domain transfer in (change IPSTAG for .uk)


  1. Easily see which domains are or are not using CF Registrar
  2. When transfering in, default option to use default domain contact
  3. When updating contacts, you cannot update registrant/admin/technical/billing contacts all at once, which means it’s a 4 step process to update.
  4. When choosing a domain to trasnfer in, I do not see any domains to select unless I first go to that websites cloudflare config page. Only after that, will I be able to select it for transfer. I believe this is a .uk domain specific issue.
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I just wanted to say I’d upvote this post 100+ times if I could, I’m in a very similar position with hundreds of domains to manage (mostly .UK) and share all the pain points you’ve mentioned, specifically the contacts and lack of ability to bulk update them either through the Dashboard or API.

Yeah, it’s a painful process so far.

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