Cloudflare Registrar - .me domain support?

Tried following up with cloudflare support on twitter but no response, the old thread is locked.

Wanted to ask again, any news on .me domains?

Currently, I do not see it listed under the list yet:

Moreover, it is an ccTLD, so it could either depend on their side too if they would allow it - as I believe.

CITE: Most ccTLDs require a unique accreditation and validation flow.
We’re working every day to add to that list of supported TLDs, starting with the largest ones on Cloudflare.

But, have you tried writing an ticket to Cloudflare support?

You can contact write a ticket to Cloudflare Customer Support, Login & go to Cloudflare dashboard and select get more help or write an e-mail to contact[at]cloudflare[dot]com due to some ETA information about it.

Maybe @cloonan could know such an information?

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Thanks fritexvz, I’ll write a support ticket. Appreciate the help!

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Hi @anishsharma, the automated reply from yesterday from Support is the correct response:

the TLD used on this domain isn’t supported by Cloudflare registrar yet. The list of supported TLDs can be found on TLD Policies | Cloudflare

Country TLDs are on our roadmap, but adding country TLD is a long process, updates are posted to the above page when new TLDs become available. We don’t have advanced visibility here or with Support into the timing of a particular TLD, sorry I cannot provide more details.

BTW, if a thread is locked, :black_flag: it as something else and ask that it be reopened to continue the discussion.

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