CloudFlare Registrar: Let strangers to pay for a domain via donations even if owner disappears

Let’s imagine, I own where I provide a pastebin like service working from terminal.

  1. The domain name is expensive, so I would like to accept donations for it from users of my service.
  2. In case I get ill for a long time or even worse, if die, I want my service to continue operating.

So the idea is to allow strangers on the internet to donate money to CloudFlare which will be used as a payment for my domain in case I don’t pay for it myself.
Something like a page at, e.g., where strangers may pay once or subscribe to monthly/yearly payments that goes to CloudFlare Registrar for my domain.

I know it could be implemented via PayPal, but in my case PayPal can’t accept payments to a Russian account from Russian clients (only from foreigners).

I think it would be a nice feature.

UPD: Would be nice if this service will work not only with CloudFlare Registrar but will be a standard supported by other domain registrars. In this case CloudFlare has to provide an API for payments for domains. This will be even better (no lock-in to CloudFlare).

The point is not solely in donations but in making a domain name operating even if its owner disappears.