Cloudflare Registrar for Parked Domains

I’ve got some parked domains on a variety of other registrars that I’d consider transferring into Cloudflare. Some are defensive, i.e. domain names close to domains for active sites. Some are just to reserve for a future application that may never come into being. All of these would be added at the Free tier because there’s no real site there.

I’d prefer to pay Cloudflare the annual registration fee than GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc., partly because the fees are always lower and partly because I hate the practice of other registrars giving a cheap first year, then out years being double or triple the first year price.

However, I don’t know if having a bunch of $0 revenue parked domains is something Cloudflare is okay with. As strange as this sounds, I sincerely want Cloudflare to make some money on my registrations and don’t want to burden it with parked domains if that’s not okay.

Are parked domains okay?

Absolutely fine. I guess Cloudflare would be certainly happier if you had an Enterprise plan with each domain :wink: but there is no issue using the free plan.

Thanks. I’m sure they would be, too, but just didn’t want to annoy the good folks at Cloudflare. Is the process just:

  1. Add the site using the root domain, e.g.
  2. Transfer it in (and all that entails)?

Is there a standard parking page displayed or nada?

No, Cloudflare does not have a parking concept. You either point it to an existing server or you use Cloudflare Pages.

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But yes, you add the site like you add any other site and if the TLD is eligible for a transfer you will be able to transfer.

Oh, yeah, Pages. Why didn’t I think of that? :slightly_smiling_face:

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