Cloudflare registrar error "404 | We can't find the page you're looking for."

Greetings gurus, here’s the dilemma I am been trying to solve:


  • I have a domain (let’s call it ) on both cloudflare registrar and cloudflare CDN
  • 2 weeks ago something broke (still not sure what) and the site neither my personal email worked anymore
  • After consulting with my hosting provider decided to remove the site from cloudflare CDN (at least temporarily)
  • It didnt fix the issue and when I tried to access the Cloudflare registrar to recheck/update the nameservers to my ones I get this error
  • And yes I have cleared my browser cache for cloudflare and tried with another browser and it did not solve the issue

Question 1: What can I as a user do resolve this and update the nameservers (my hosting provider has multiple time stated that they have checked their side and the problem lies in cloudflare side)

Question 2: How do you change the cloudflare nameservers to for example as I do not see an option to edit the nameservers on my other cloudflare registrar domains (?)

Big and sincere thank you for possible answers to this =)

I can only imagine that deleting a site from Cloudflare while it’s still using Cloudflare registrar would break setup for that domain.

Q2: Cloudflare Registrar’s ToS states that you can only use Cloudflare name servers.

Have you tried re-adding that domain to your Cloudflare account?

You may have to open a ticket to repair the domain. support AT cloudflare DOT com and then post the Ticket # here.

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Thank you for the swift reply on this. Had somehow missed the TOS aspect but makes sense. Yes so when I try to the domain back to cloudflare I get this result in the DNS setup

I have now sent a support request with this forum post URL to support at cloudflare dot com, will post here the result

So the cloudflare system automatically closed my ticket without resolving the broken domain configuration

I am a bit confused what to do as
I) Because of Cloudflare TOS I am not able to switch to my a2hosting nameservers
II) Adding the site to cloudflare gives me no DNS records → how can I expect to fix it?
III) Sending suppor ticket gets automatically marked as resolved
IV) understand paying CDN customers get priority but this is a personal site so not exactly cloudflare premium CDN subscription candidate and I did pay cloudflare for the registrar…

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