Cloudflare registrar + DreamHost VPS hosting = fail

I discovered CloudFlare’s registrar and thought it would be an affordable solution compared to DreamHost, but it’s proving to be extremely frustrating when trying to get it to play nicely with DreamHost “Full hosting” on a VPS.

I transferred registration for a few domains to CloudFlare, and upgraded my shared hosting on DreamHost to a VPS account. Unfortunately, DreamHost sees CloudFlare’s nameservers and will not update DNS records. I tried adding DreamHost’s NS records to CloudFlare and mirroring DreamHost’s other DNS records on Cloudflare, but that fails. It appears that CloudFlare will not let me change nameservers, and DreamHost is requiring nameservers to be changed to DreamHost nameservers.

ANYTHING registered and hosted on DreamHost performs flawlessly, with or without the CloudFlare option enabled.

ANYTHING registered on CloudFlare and hosted on DreamHost wither fails or is hot-or-miss.

I’m thinking of just moving everything back to DreamHost and accepting the higher domain renewal costs just to get rid of these headaches.


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Which DNS records does DreamHost not update? You should be able to manually edit your DNS records here according to the IP addresses you’re assigned at DreamHost.

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If for some reason dreamhost is mandating that you use their namservers, then yuo have no option to but to move your domain away from cloudflare registrar.

keep in mind theres a 60 day window where you cannot transfer your domain again.

DreamHost can’t update your DNS while your using Cloudflare. You need to just setup the same records shown under DNS settings at DreamHost within Cloudflare.

The only exception, which I’ve not used as I have a direct-with-Cloudflare account given I opt for manually configuring/controlling my Cloudflare settings amongst other reasons, may be to opt for Cloudflare from within the DreamHost panel. DreamHost would bill you for whatever Cloudflare services are offered there. Really though, I have no idea how that works, as I’ve not made use of it. I have my Cloudflare account separate from DreamHost. Having a look at the DreamHost KB, they’re a Cloudflare partner. They offer their own Cloudflare plans, similar but different than Cloudflare’s direct plans, if you wanna go that route.

Regardless, I use DreamHost primarily for hosting, Cloudflare exclusively for DNS and everything else that Cloudflare offers, and yet another company for domain registrations. I have VPS, amongst other stuff, with DreamHost and ‘fully hosted’ Web sites are working just fine.