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I transferred my domain recent to Cloudflare to use CF Workers. But now I have a need to use Vercel with Wildcard domains.

To do this, I need to set my domain’s NS to Vercel:

To do this, I added NS records on the root domain in CF.

But even after 36 hours, this doesn’t seem to be working:

$ dig @ +short NS

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

This doesn’t work. If you want to switch nameservers, you must do it on your registrar side.

But you also mentioned that you want to use Cloudflare Workers, so I believe you don’t want to do that.

You mean * You can just create a wildcard record in Cloudflare DNS Management.

Thanks for responding so quickly @erictung

Since I used Cloudflare Registrar to transfer my domain, CF is my Registrar now.

But you also mentioned that you want to use Cloudflare Workers,

Not anymore. Will be using Vercel for everything. Just need to point to Vercel NS now.

Is it that only Business plans can use any NS?
Will I just have to transfer my domain to Vercel?

Unfortunately you can only use Cloudflare nameservers when your registrar is Cloudflare.

See section 7.2:

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This was a surprise. Thanks for helping @erictung

I just transferred my domain out of Cloudflare.

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