Cloudflare Registrar: Domain transfer has failed

After initiating several domain transfers (billing approved by PayPal), all domains have an unknown status and it is still possible to transfer the domains again (new billing). The outgoing registrar got no transfer request at all. Only the payment was successful.

Only two of ten transfers are “pending”, but i got Errors regarding unknown zones (e. g. Cloudflare was not updating name Server entries).

Is there a sales representative or technical support contact for these issues or must i cancel the payments via PayPal? Cloudflare Registrar is not very compromising - especially no national TLDs are supported yet.

I experienced something similar.
Transferred 4, but 2 had issues. Solved one by myself. There’s still one left in a unknown registrar and pending release from previous registrar status. Contacted CF support but not really helpful. Seems like they are not really ready for the registrar service yet. Not properly trained. Three days without a solution.

The same problem。
Payment was successful(PayPal). But not start a transfer process.

I can confirm that too.
It happened for me with a .net-domain on namecheap