Cloudflare registrar, domain still pending nameserver update

The domain ( was registered with Cloudflare several days ago. I’m on the free plan and cannot change the nameservers, so the default Cloudflare nameservers are being used. In the DNS tab I’ve added A and MX records to point to the hosting provider (Dreamhost). However this domain is stuck in the “Pending Namserver Update” state.

The Overview tab states that the domain is not yet active on Cloudflare and recommends changing the nameservers from one set of Cloudflare nameservers to another (which I can’t do). This may have been caused by removing the domain and re-adding it in an attempt to fix the pending nameserver update state. According to Cloudflare’s diagnostics the nameservers are set correctly.

How can this be fixed?

This is an odd one but that domain’s status is not right - something seems to be wrong at the registry level.

You’ll need to open a ticket

Please login & go to and select get more help. Please select ‘Registrar’ as the category and post the ticket number here when you’ve opened it.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve opened ticket #2420595.

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