Cloudflare registrar dnssec

I am in wave 1 of the Cloudflare registry rollout and after transfering my domain I went in and came across 3 issues.

  1. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to update your whois information to make sure that they are accurate.
  2. I want to enable dnssec which really should just be a toggle at this point since the registrar and dns host are both Cloudflare but I still get the usual notice to update the ds records at the registrar
  3. In the whois information that Cloudflare is publishing they list which doesn’t seem to be loading any website to do a whois lookup.

Same issue, DNSSEC doesn’t seem to work right now with CF registrar. However, custom nameservers via the business plan do work.


My .com domain transfer from Google works fine on DNSSEC

Would like to ask, was DNSSEC already set up at Google domains? I’m (we’re) having an issue with enabling DNSSEC on a domain that previously didn’t have it.

Yes, I do have it setup before transfer to Cloudflare

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I can confirm that the PM for Registrar (@SamRhea) confirmed me that it’s being enabled in a few days!

I believe I am in wave 4 or 5 and received my invitation email just a few days ago. I’ve just put through the transfer request a few minutes ago on four domains, but wondered if I should be disabling DNSSEC with my existing registrar before they start to process this? Its active at the Cloudflare end as well.

Based on the post by clark above, DNSSEC records are transferred over if it was already enabled. Enabling it on a previously-disabled domain doesn’t work for the time being.

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Thank you for the clarification. I was hoping Cloudflare would be able to manage this automatically. Before Cloudflare offered this service I had considered transferring my domains to another registrar, who don’t even offer DNSSEC and they said I would have to turn it off first because the transfer could initiate.

According to the notes I read it will now take up to 5 days to transfer away from the existing registrar. It’s a pity Cloudflare won’t be handling TLDs for .uk or I have a few of those I would gladly bring over.

I believe they are trying. The goal is to get every TLD but many ccTLDs may take longer to be added since there are extra regulations and restrictions that need to be handled.

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