Cloudflare Registrar designation for domains in the dashboard

I use the Cloudflare free plan for more than one site. I also have domains that I have transferred to and renewed via Cloudflare.

Is there a way to add a “Registered with Cloudflare” or “Cloudflare Registrar” column/indicator in the “View All Websites” area on my Cloudflare dashboard? This would be helpful to quickly differentiate domains that are registered with Cloudflare (either via a paid transfer or renewal) from those that are not.

As it stands now, everything shows as “Free Website” and that is a little confusing when trying to figure out which ones are registered/paid for on Cloudflare Registar.

The domains redacted in gray are with registrars other than Cloudflare. On their Overview screen, the registrar is usually listed:

not registered with cloudflare01

When “Manage Domain” for any of these (non-Cloudflare Registrar) domains is selected, this is usually what shows:

The domains redacted in red have Cloudflare as the registrar (meaning, I paid to transfer to Cloudflare and/or renew). On their Overview screen, the registrar is listed, this time being Cloudflare:

registered with cloudflare01

When “Manage Domain” for any of these (Cloudflare registrar) domains is selected, this is usually what shows:

Right now, the two ways I use to verify whether or not a domain is registered with Cloudflare (aside from using whois lookup) is through my Cloudflare dashboard for the singular domain (shown above, the last 2 screenshots). Believe me when I say this is not the fastest/most efficient way of going about it.

If you have only one or a few sites on Cloudflare–whether it be the free website plan or registrar–it’s not a huge deal. If you have a larger number of sites–and it’s a mix of both the free website plans and domain transfers and renewals–it can be a hassle trying to quickly assess which domains fall under which category.

The best way as of right now that I know of would be the domains transfer page. That will list all active domains, all unsupported ones and all the transferrable ones.

You can reach the page from the top menu, where you select the domains, at the bottom under Products > Domains.

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Thanks for the response.

I have used that method to view them, as well (looks like I’ll be going back to it). The key here is to select from the list of Domains Unable to Transfer and view the “Already on Cloudflare” tab in order to show the ones that are registered:

  • Select Product > Domains (the gray-redacted domains aren’t registered with Cloudflare registrar)

… (same page, just farther down)

  • Click on “Show domains unable to transfer.” The resulting (red-redacted) list is of the domains already registered with Cloudflare Registrar

Still, it would be convenient to see them in the other areas of the site per my original suggestion. For now–and I’ll quote The Mandalorian–“This is the way.

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