Cloudflare Registrar - Bulk Domain Registration

Hello, I am looking to register several hundred domains over the course of the next 2 weeks but I don’t seem to see the ability to register domains in bulk. I’d rather not give my accountant a heart attack, does anyone know how to register multiple domains in one shot or is it only possible to register one at a time? Does the same issue exist for renewals?

Thank you.

I have the same requirements frequently. Unfortunately you do have to register and pay for them individually.

Automatic renewals are now done “daily” with one payment for multiple renewals. This is a very recent development.

Manual renewals… yes, individually, single payment per renewal.

Thank you, that is unfortunate as the quantity of domains will make Cloudflare prohibitive as a registrar.

Yeah, I’m migrating ~1500 domains over, 500 done so far… manually.

Registered approx 100, maually. It is vertainly painful.

Also it’s not so straight forward to update contact details in bulk either.

I’m surprised the credit card company hasn’t blocked the merchant after so many of the same amount transactions.

Cant see that happening unless there were a higher rate of chargebacks. The processor and the end users card provider make more money with individual transactions.

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