Cloudflare Registrar Billing Errors

This is a heads up for anyone using Cloudflare Registrar. I encountered some billing errors that you probably won’t, but it is worth being aware that errors can occur.

At the start of this month, I noticed some unusual Cloudflare charges to my card. They stood out because, as a heavy Registrar user, the vast majority of my charges are $8.03, but these were for far more, were unexpected, and entirely unprecedented.

I combed through a month of invoices and purchase confirmation emails to try to figure out what these mystery charges might be for. The charges did appear on the invoices but with zero indication of what they might be for, and no matching emails or domain subscriptions within my dashboard.

I was most worried that it might be related to my use of Cloudflare Workers. I had subscribed to a $5 per month Workers Unlimited plan a few months back, to experiment with a couple of static WordPress sites, and my usage seemed to be only around 1% of what that plan allowed. Was it possible that I had been racking up charges I was unaware of?

So, I worked with Cloudflare Support and Cloudflare Billing to figure out what the problem might be, submitting tons of info and screenshots to prove that the charges were unrelated to any domain or any other service I had ordered or been invoiced for.

The whole process took just over two weeks and today I received the final word. They believe the charges were related not to Cloudflare Workers but to Cloudflare Registrar. That made sense because that is the main Cloudflare service I use, and the Cloudflare Registrar system has overcharged me in the past.

Anyway, the full amount was refunded to my card, so, that wraps the matter up. The reason I am posting here is to remind everyone to keep an eye on what you are being charged. That is common sense with any service that you allow to hold your card details but, in my experience, at this early stage, Cloudflare Registrar’s system seems more prone to errors than any other online service I have used.

Don’t worry too much about it. As a heavy user of Cloudflare Registrar, possibly even the heaviest, I am more likely than other users to run into these bugs. The vast majority of Registrar users will probably never have a problem. Just be aware that the system is not quite as polished as it should be and, if you do get overcharged, it is entirely up to you to chase it and to prove that there has been an error.


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