Cloudflare Registrar and WHOIS privacy

Right now, my current registrar provides free WHOIS privacy, which keeps my information private from prying eyes. They also only charge me the actual renewal price without extra fees, but the main reason why I’m unhappy with them is that they only offer DNSSEC for .com, .net and .org domains (and possibly a few others), despite the fact that most TLDs now support DNSSEC.

I hope that Cloudflare Registrar will offer this for free too, as I don’t want random people to be able to just look up my identity from the WHOIS record.

It’s included and free.


Do you, by any chance, know how to set it up? :slight_smile:

Whois privacy is automatically enabled on all domains on Cloudflare Registrar, I believe. You shouldn’t need to do anything extra to enable it


You are correct sir. I just checked, it’s really working and didn’t even have to do anything :slight_smile:


So how do we disable WhoIs Privacy on a domain?

Please see:

Ahh, so we currently don’t have the option to turn it off.

Not as far as I know. Tagging @SamRhea

That’s correct - it’s redacted by default for all accounts in compliance with the ICANN Temp Spec (ICANN is the governing body for domain registration). They issued the decision as a temporary solution to handling PII after GDPR.

That said, ICANN did just release the final draft for RDAP - a protocol that will replace WHOIS. The industry will be adopting it this fall. It should allow for a way to share contact information on a domain to trusted parties while maintaining public redaction. We’ll be following the development closely.


Hi Sam, thank you. I am wondering, fall 2019 is history now, and I too would like to keep my current webhost’s free privacy protection when moving more domains to cloudflare (as everyone would like I reckon), ONLY worrying about one side effect of your current “default enabled, no way to change”:
What if we have to transfer a domain elsewhere in future (god knows for what reason, lol), then we must be able to temporarily disable privacy protection so as to receive the Icann email of changes made.
So: Do you have any news on this matter of being able to temporarily DISable privacy protection?

Thank you!

#2) As you are from “Cloudflare Team”, maybe you appreciate (and can pass on) this customer feedback also:

  • when trying to transfer more domains to Cloudflare here: Cloudflare Registrar | New Domain Registration

  • then a) the page doesn’t notice I am logged in

  • so b) I log in again, but then the new page doesn’t allow me to transfer more domains, only to renew existing ones early.

  • I could provide screenshot proof somehow here, but I reckon you trust I tell the truth anyway: it’s NOT working :wink:

  • So: Maybe someone at Cloudflare team could look into both these matters?

PS: In my case, current domain registrar is closing down (well, got sold, I don’t like the new one), so your system error needs to be resolved within a mere days unfortunately, as I cannot wait longer to transfer more domains. Hopefully someone can get the page working FAST for logged in users to transfer more domains here: Cloudflare Registrar | New Domain Registration

Thanks again Sam.

Would you mind trying to go to this page? It brings me to the list of domains, although I don’t currently have transferrable domains active so not sure it works.

This is supported, when you disable the transfer protections it should display all as per spec.

May I jump in too?
Sdayman, could you please shoot Sam a message or knock on his door, asking him to look at this post please?

We would need an urgent answer and solution for the system failure to add more domains, because the current registrar got sold and the new one (123reg) we don’t like at all. :wink:

Thank you so much,

PS: I am not opening a support ticket just yet, as (understandably) "asking inside the community may help more than one customer.

Hi @david31,

Can you try the link posted by @matteo? It takes me to a list of all the domains in my account that can be transferred.

What exactly happens, and at what stage does it actually fail?

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