Cloudflare Registrar and multiple (1000+) domains

I’d like to move a large amount of domains to Cloudflare Registrar.

So far I’ve moved around 40 and I’ve already found multiple issues that will make the process very painful and slow. So I have some suggestions that I hope will find their way to the relevant team.

  1. for some reason, uk domains do not automatically appear in the registrar > transfer section. This requires me to go to the dashboard for each domain and go from there; very labourious. Suggestion: fix that, but also add the ability to do this via API.

  2. another suggestion for uk domains would be to make the transfer in automatic. If someone changes the IPSTAG on a .uk domain to CLOUDFLARE then it would porbably make sense to automatically assign that domain to the account that the domain is associated with.

  3. contact details - currently its just a clumsy mess; allow the amendment of domain contact details for all 4 types and make it automated when transfering in.

  4. bill in GBP, you’re paying nominet in GBP then converting to USD then billing me in USD; there must be a better way.

  5. domain renewals; yesterday I have 27 domains auto renew… one by one. That’s 27 individual transactions in a short period. Some failed because my bank thought it was suspicious. Please bill auto renewals in one transaction.

  6. make it much easier to see which domains are or are not with Cloudfalre registrar. Right now theres no easy way to see when you have 100’s of websites in a clofudlare account, i have to look 20 at a time…

I think that’s it, for now! I hope that Cloudflare takes the registrar part of their business more seriously and doesnt stay an “afterthought” for too long. It’s great you offer the service at all but just a few features would make it a solid product.

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