Cloudflare Registered Domain Un-usable :-( They say its DNSSEC

So i cannot use this domain in any way. Its registered through Cloudflare. I pointed the domain to my server like i usually do for many other websites/domain name combos and an error says: “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”

-------------Cloudflare Support Below----------------
Cloudflare’s tech support had this to say:

Our engineering team has reviewed your setup and noted that the following DNSSEC DNS record was not added by Cloudflare when you onboard to Cloudflare Platform. Meaning this DNSSEC record is not enabled when you toggle the DNSSEC option on Cloudflare but it was defined before onboarding to Cloudflare…

Could you reach out to your hosting provider to disabled any pre-existing DNSSEC DNS record for your domain

You can refer to the below dig command whereby we can see the output for the DNSSEC DNS record.

dig DS +short
49837 13 1 3CBA1D77351ACFFE36E20F3E84DF8D53E94B2B01

------------Cloudflare Support Above---------------------------

If anyone knows how to resolve this, i could really use your help. I cant use the domain nor can i transfer it away.
Thanks in advance for reading this.

I doubt your old registrar has the ability to remove your DS record from the registry. As I understand it, they have no more control over your domain’s settings.

I know it feels like a runaround, but can you push back a bit and ask if they can contact the registry to have that DS record removed?

Can you also post the ticket # here? One or two of the Registrar staff usually drop in on the Community every weekday.

p.s. Yes, your DNSSEC is broken at the registry (it doesn’t match Cloudflare’s DNSSEC)

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