Cloudflare registered domain reports incorrect nameservers

I recently transferred one of my domains to Cloudflare. The domain appears to have transferred successfully, Cloudflare is now reported as the registrar, however the configured nameservers still appear to be the ones from the old registrar. The Cloudflare automated tool also confirms the nameservers are incorrect. How do I update the nameservers?

Adam Z

Hi @zacharski, we’ve seen this where a registrar resets name servers on your way out the door. You’ll need to login & go to and select get more help.

Let support know what happened, please share your ticket number here and I’ll get it in the proper queue to address. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi @cloonan,

I created a ticket.

Thanks for your help,
Adam Zacharski

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Thank you! I see the ticket and have routed it to the right folks to address. Sorry for the troubles & thank you.

Edit - Sorry for the off-topic email we just sent you, btw!
Edit Edit - And I see they have been changed. Please let us know if any other issues.

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