Cloudflare registered domain removed from dashboard


Recently I’ve transfered over my domain to Cloudflare registrar. I couldn’t get DNSSEC to finish setting up. Because DS records weren’t deleted before I transfered or something. But the transfer was succesful anyway…
I thought maybe removing and adding my domain again would fix it. However, now it’s stuck at “pending nameserver update”. Please if Cloudflare staff sees this, could you fix this up? I created a ticket and contacted through Twitter but I’m not getting any response.
I would also appreciate it if the DNSSEC issue could be resolved, I can’t do anything at my previous registrar to delete DS records or something like that.

Can you please post the Ticket #? Cloudflare staff drops in from time to time. If you post the domain name, other community members can take a bit of a look as well.

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