Cloudflare registered domain name marked as insecure site?

I’m using a domain name registered on cloudflare as a route to a worker, why it’s marked insecure site when I opened it with edge browser?

When you say insecure site, do you mean you see something like the following example?

(Source: Microsoft Edge support for Microsoft Defender SmartScreen | Microsoft Learn)

If so:

  1. Are you using the * domain names, or a custom domain name you’ve bought (e.g.

  2. If a custom domain like, how old is it (e.g. when did you register the domain name the first time)?

  3. If it is a custom domain name (and not a *, are you actually able to share the domain name in question?

If that one is not what you see:

Can you share a screenshot demonstrating how you see it is marked as an insecure site?

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It just have a warning mark with ‘Not secure’ besides the address bar.

I’m using my domain name, which is ‘’, registered hours ago.
The original route of ‘’ is also enabled.

Thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the elaboration.

That kind of warning is indeed a bit different from the one I suspected above.

The link towards the right of that “Not seure” warning, can you confirm whether it starts with only http://, or if it starts with https://?

Looking at your domain, it does not look like you are currently redirecting insecure (http://) traffic requests to a secure (https://) path.

Since you are not making these redirects from your end, getting the “secure route” will then depend on whether the individual browser (and/or it’s extensions) are forcing the upgrade to a secure line or not.

If you scroll down on this link, you should find “Always Use HTTPS”:

That is one thing you can try activating, and see if that helps solving the issue.


I’d solved it following your link.
Thank you so much for the help, @DarkDeviL ,

I thought it would use https automatically…

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