Cloudflare registered domain has wrong nameservers

Domain is registered with Cloudflare but it has wrong Cloudflare nameservers. The dashboard keeps telling me to change the nameservers from:
But my domain registrar is Cloudflare and I can’t manually do this?
I have a ticket 2191566.

Do you recall changing/how you changed the nameservers to itzel & yadiel?

Can you respond to the email on ticket 2191566 and indicate that you need help with a registrar issue?

It seemed to stem from attempting to connect to Cloudflare through my new webhost Siteground.
There was an option through Siteground to connect to the site/domain to Cloudflare but first I had to remove the site from Cloudflare.
Then Sitegrounds API was able to re-add the domain but this was causing me problems as Siteground still needed to have my domain on their nameservers, so I backed out of this by removing the site again and then re-adding it manually.
This appears to be where everything has got in a mess with the nameservers.

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Thank you, I flagged your post for my colleagues, they’ll need to assist to get the nameservers set. I also re-opened and added myself to your ticket with Support. Sorry for the issues.

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