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I did the transfer from my old registar to Cloudflare. From the time I did it name server from the old registar appeared in the whois while i can still see those of Cloudflare. My domain is on Cloudflare et all completed the 24 october, on whois the registar is Cloudflare but DNS are still mixed up and I can’t change the as the DNS section tells me the domain is not pointed to Cloudflare that I dont have access to edit. Looks like i’m stuck in a loop.

Thanks for the help!

WHOIS records will point towards Cloudflare, it’s normal

Do you have access to the account? Note: To access DNS records you need at least administer access If you don’t have access to the account (or you lost access to your account) then you’ll need to contact support for help!

Hi, Half of dns point to Cloudflare only and thats the problem. If i activate DNSSEC could it help correcting the situation on whois records?

DNSSEC did the trick. Looks like the old registar is still sending informations to the whois.

Thanks for the help

I was about to say to activate DNSSEC but glad I could help! Is the issue fixed though?

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Yes, no more problem and every thing work perfecty. Thanks for the time @AppleSlayer !

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Your welcome!

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