Cloudflare refusing to unlock my 4 domains for transfer

For over 2 months I’ve been trying support request to Cloudflare regarding my account. I have 4 domains and all of them show “Pending nameserver updates.” I can edit the DNS entries but because the NS servers are different from those being propagated nothing ever updates.

I’ve contacted ICANN and Cloudflare tech support over and over but nothing ever changes. I have no ability in my account to transfer control of the domains away from Cloudflare and they have the domain locks in place.

Who can tell me how to resolve this issue?

I don’t see a conversation from 2 months ago, I do see an active conversation over the last 2 weeks on 2247485 where it looks like you are contacting Support from an address that does not own the domains. I’ll flag this post for my colleagues from the Registrar team. Sorry for the troubles.


The DNS admin and technical contacts for my domains are hidden from me for privacy reasons so I cannot even tell what email address is registered for the domains. My primary email address is and has always been [email protected]. If nothing else, they should be able to confirm my identify using the physical address associated with the domains.

If the registrar team can manually unlock my domains for transfer and provide me with the authorization codes I will transfer them away from Cloudflare pronto. It’s a shame because I totally loved the way Cloudflare DNS operated before this incident. I cannot believe how totally unresponsive they have been.

Thank you for any help that resolves this simple yet frustrating matter.


Sorry about this delay. I have replied with additional details into your open ticket.
Thank you for your patience.


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