Cloudflare Redirection Issue Unable to solve

I have a site I want to use with cloudflare. but when I use cloudflare I get redirection loop. Without coudflare sites loads okay.

  1. Site already have ssl (let’s encrypt) so I do not need cloudflare ssl service.
  2. I have truned off cloudflare ssl but still I have the redirection problem.
  3. How do I trun off cloudflare ssl (any redirection completly off)?
  4. I have http -> https redirect on my server. (does it affects on cloudflare settings?)

I have read some of the online documentation like this url Step 2: Setting up SSL with Cloudflare. But it didn’t help me.

Hi @sisir,
Thanks for checking out the tutorial first.

Turning Cloudflare SSL off, but having an HTTP to HTTPS redirect on your server will cause a loop, Cloudflare is trying to force it to HTTP and your server to HTTPS.

If you already have a valid certificate on your server, you should set that to Full (strict) which will then use Cloudflare’s SSL between the visitor and Cloudflare and then yours between Cloudflare and the server.

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