Cloudflare redirecting users to strange website


I have my computer set to connect directly with my server (ip address) using the host file and everything works fine for me but other users cannot access my website and receive a “domain for sale” page. What is going on?


This domain doesn’t appear to be using Cloudflare for its nameservers.

dig ns +short


I just contacted my registar and they said I am. Per DNS check I also am using the correct nameservers



Your domain now returns the correct nameservers and the site loads.

dig ns +short


Thanks, sorry I’m such a DNS noob. Do you see anything else weird about my dns records? Some users get the parking page and others don’t. I get the parking page on my mobile. Not sure what to do…


My guess is your registrar made the change back to what the values were before. Depending on how long a particular DNS server has the other values I posted cached it may be a bit before that info expires. You can try flushing your DNS cache (no idea how to do that on a phone though).

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