Cloudflare redirecting to SPAM

I am using Cloudflare to register my domains and recently, I’ve noticed that when I attempt to visit one of these domains, I’m getting redirected to spam, particularly where it assumes that I’m a bot, requests that I allow for push notifications from my browser, which then transfers me to a spam page.

My nameservers are cass(dot)ns(dot)cloudflare(dot)com and owen(dot)ns(dot)cloudflare(dot)com. An A record look up for my domain name ( takes me to cloudflare’s IP My site’s IP is ( (dot) were added to circumvent Cloudflare’s new user policies).

I’m starting to thing there are some wires crossed with Cloudflare.

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If this is a wordpress site then you have been hacked!
Please check your database wp_options table and you will see that your URL’s have changed.
Also note that you have a new Admin in you wp_users table.
I just spent several hours dealing with this.

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