Cloudflare redirecting to

This is odd. I bought a domain today on AWS Route53,, and I changed the name servers to Cloudflare, as usual.

In Cloudflare I simply added an A record to point to an IP address where I have my server. However when I visit the URL I am taken to a holding page from Gandi registrar. Whilst I have used Gandi in the past, this domain was definitely not bought on Gandi nor transferred to Gandi.

When I go to WHOIS, WHOIS - WHOIS lookup for -, I am told that Gandi is indeed the registrar.

Whether Gandi is the registrar or not, why doesnt the URL take me direct to the IP address I provided as an A-record in Cloudflare? If I got to I can see the correct A-record listed: DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup

Any ideas?? Im going crazy here. I wrote to AWS (no reply), Cloudflare (no reply), Gandi (no reply)…

That A record is not a proxied address. So whatever that 150. address is, that’s responsible for directing you to that landing page.

Thanks, but I am not sure. Just now to test I changed the A record to a random ip,

It still takes me to the Gandi page.

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