Cloudflare redirecting my site from naked host to www

Hello, we have recently moved to a new provider (Siteground). When we activated Cloudflare, our site redirected from naked host (without www) to www. This, for us, caused problem to Analytics but especially to Adsense because we saw our earning getting lower. In Analytics caused the ‘redundand hostnames’ issue but we think we fixed it with a filter. Adsense is the biggest problem, also because we think Google Discover which caused an increase in traffic, in Search console, it doesn’t appear from the www host, or rather, not yet.

In case the problem could not be solved, can we switch back to our previous URL without www?

Anyway, do you please have any suggestions?



I presume you are signed up via your host, right? In this case this is the default behaviour for such setups. You’d need to contact your host to change that.

Yes, we signedup with our host. They said that the normal host with Cloudflare is with www.

Normal host? www typically points to Cloudflare and the naked domain to your actual server where you get the redirect.

You need to talk to your host about that.

I mean that they say that if we use Cloudflare our site must have www. Is that right? Or is it possible to have it on Cloudflare as it always was, without www?
We’ll talk to Siteground anyway.


A site does not necessarily need a “www” record. That also applies to sites on Cloudflare, however it might be different for partner setups such as yours.

We heard from the Siteground’s support, they suggested to disable Cloudflare and add our site directly on the Cloudflare site. We disabled Cloudflare from our cPanel and restored our redirect without WWW. Now do we have to add our site from here and will it be OK?


You follow the regular sign up, which is outlined at

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