Cloudflare redirecting https to http and back to https


I noticed that Cloudflare’s canonical root redirect for the www version of my domain are wrong.

The right version is: (https, no www)

Here’s is the redirect path for the https:// www version:

https:// www.icelandicdown .com -> http:// www.icelandicdown .com -> https:// icelandicdown .com

It should go straight from the https:// www version to the https:// version. It is not good to redirect from https to http and then going back to https.

My SSL settings are set as Full and I have “Always Use HTTPS” as Off since enabling it causes an infinite redirect loop.

Any idea how to fix this?

That redirect appears to originate from your server


Thank you. Looks like there was an SSL certificate issue with the www. subdomain and my web host just fixed it. So everything is working now.

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